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Soma International

Soma International recently obtained 501c3 non-profit status. They reached out to us to design a new website experience for them and refine their brand.

Launched in 2012, Soma International set out with the goal of establishing learning centers in Tanzania. Eight years later and three learning centers in, Soma officially received 501c3 non-profit status.

The Soma international team reached out to BizFHIT to help them solidify their visual identity and develop a new website. From a humble team of three, to a working organization, the rapid growth provided a few challenges for Soma International. They needed to solve three problems: 1) Brand Consistency, 2) Visual Identity, 3) Organization structure. We got onboard and started designing and integrating what the future of Soma would look like. We spent a few weeks with the Soma team, refining their brand elements, asking lots of questions, and coming up with ideas. Soon, we had crafted a new, simplified visual identity for their brand.

We simplified their logo, created secondary and tertiary color schemes and established a brand guide for Soma. Once these elements were complete, we got to work on their new website. Working in tandem with their graphic designer, we executed the new identity with illustrations and graphics to enhance the Soma message and brand image.

The completed website and brand identity exceeded the Soma team’s expectations. BizFHIT took their brand to the next level just in time for the non-profit to start their next round of funding. BizFHIT is excited for the future of Soma International.

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